Door Lid, Door Lock, Wiper System, Spoiler, Bumper, Door Handle, Fluid Hose, Control Panel, Air-Condition Compressor & Engine Parts.

Industrial Batteries and Rechargeable Mobile Batteries

Consulting Engineers, Architects, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing

Cleaning & Polishing Agents, Detergents

Electrical, Power Distribution Station, Oil & Gas Piping, Structural

Building, Civil, Air-Conditioner, Plumbing, Clean Room, Telecommunication Station, Property Development

Diesel, Coal Fired

Voice Coil, Heating Element, York, Hard Disk Component, Bus Ducting, Fluorescent Luminaries

PCB Assembly

Metal Coating

Nuclear Technology

Precision Screws, Pressure Vessels, Communication & Electrical Towers

Breeder, Hatchery, Layer, Grading & Packing

Rubber & Carpet



Cushion, Packaging, Corrugating Box

Home Appliance, Toys, Lamp/Starter Holder/Fittings, Plumbing Pipes, Hose, Stretch Film/Packaging, Vehicle Bumpers/Spoilers

Latex, Standard Malaysian Rubber

Freight Forwarding, Legal, Company Secretarial, Business Centre, Call Centre, Hotels, Hospitals, Insurance and Maid Agency

Mobile, Project

Chemical, Furniture, Hospital Suppliers, Medical Equipment, Pharmaceutical Products, Building Materials & Consumer Products