What is 5S Housekeeping ?
A long term obsession with cleanliness and order is the reason why The Five S’s is a favorite improvement methodology. The 5S means Seiri (Organization), Seiton (Neatness), Seiso (Cleaning), Seiketsu (Standardization) and Shitsuke (Discipline).

The Five S methodology is easy to understand and relatively straightforward to implement (it’s GMP and commonsense). Five S can add remarkable value as a standalone improvement technique and also establishes the essential prerequisites of working environment, practices and mind-set, which are the necessary foundations for supporting further improvement tools and techniques.

5S Certification is a set of techniques for businesses to optimize the organization of their workplace. 5S Certification may be as informal as making your own award when your workplace first passes its internal 5S Audit, but it is an important component in having a complete and successful 5S environment.

Following the principles involved ensuring that the service sites were laid out to enable efficient work flow, correct labelling for equipment going in and out, a designated red area for quarantined items, and that health and safety practices were outstanding. The purpose of performing 5S Certification is to visibly demonstrate both progress and compliance. This is especially important to make improvements in a large workplace with many employees.

Benefits of 5S Implementation
  • Makes the staff more disciplined
  • Makes and sustains a conducive working environment
  • Get a better quality to working environments and cultivate a good working atmosphere
  • The quality of products and their production processes are improved